1st Prize – “Work You Love on Your Terms”

It’s been some time in the making and there is still more of life to experience, enjoy and love for me.

From a background in horticulture I have grown like the many plants that I have tended to over the years. Today I define myself as a dynamic, success business woman and public speaker.

I love the work I do with a personal passion. I help individuals, perhaps like yourself, who are looking for CHANGE; working together in collaboration to create a CHOICE to work on your own terms and develop a style of CREATIVITY that is interesting and inspiring to others.

Most people are looking to have an IMPACT on others which has meaning and significance, a simple act of kindness has the power to touch us deeply. I help individuals to gain CONTROL in their daily life; to live in a more flexible way and with more autonomy.

The REWARD of living a life from contribution is my passion that is full of reward and benefits which cannot always be defined in words but never fails to hit the emotional button. For me there is nothing more rewarding to work alongside someone who is looking for a solution to a challenge in their life and see them smiling and enjoying life once again.

My question to you today – Are you looking for change in your own life?

I work with individuals who are in need of a career change, living a more successful life, requiring more time to do more of the things they love some individuals I work alongside are working towards developing a stable financial future.

I’m curious, whatever you are aiming for in life, do you have a plan to achieve it and how is that working out for you? If you’re feeling stuck then let’s explore this together, who knows I might just have the right solution that can match your plan!

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