I’m curious, if you could be living your perfect day, what would you be doing?

It’s a tough question when you are asked to describe yourself; so I decided to ask my family, friends and colleagues in one sentence to write something that describes me and this is what they said.

“Kristian is respectful of others and always there for you. She is a woman with a proactive and positive outlook that oozes enthusiasm and fun to be with.”
– Helen HB

“A welcoming, sincere and knowledgeable person; who has your health and interests at heart.”
– Cathy L

“What struck me most when I first met Kristian was her integrity & honesty. To me this made her trustworthy and genuine; that is a real quality.”
– Allison T

In my own words – I love being in the company of others, with art & travel being high on my list of interests. I am learning to play the guitar too! Watch this space……