There’s more to life than…

“I’m just curious….”

I’m just curious, are you at a point in life where you know you have more to offer but don’t know how to get there… are you looking to do things differently just like I was.

Let me tell you what happened to me…. story begins as a teenager growing up in the north of England and I’ll always remember my dad saying to


“There’s more to life than what you see here”

At the time, I didn’t know what he really meant because I had no reason to think I would be going anywhere, little did I know what the future would bring!

Fast forward life, I had the opportunity work in the USA developing a garden for a private client, from this I was encouraged to explore being more entrepreneurial so when I returned I came across the book the ‘E’ Myth by Michael Gerber.

Reading the said book gave me a whole new view of life and the world of the entrepreneur. I’ve always been ambitious and I began my search for the right vehicle that would give me the life I wanted to lead. That was when I stumbled across Network Marketing – if you believe in the law of attraction then you could say I found the vehicle I was looking for.

‘A Personal development journey in disguise’

Has my journey been an easy transition? Far from it but it is my personal journey and we all have our own journey to make in life, everybody knows life is a rollercoaster but it’s how we ride the waves that carry us forwards.

I believe everyone has untapped potential, however I know from experience how a small tweak here and there can make a huge difference in life and it’s those tweaks that can give us a new lease of life and peace of mind.

Everybody knows we all make life choices and life changes. If you’re in this space right now and you’re looking for change then we should speak in the next 48 hours; who knows with nothing to lose and everything to gain, you might just have the time of your life!

Keep being awesome.


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